Teaching America via Video Games

This introduction to American studies explains the key principles, myths, and beliefs that constitute America through the most relevant medium of our century—video games. Exploring concepts, ideas, and narratives such as America as a perpetually "unfinished country," God's "chosen people," the Frontier, the Melting Pot, the American Dream, and America's transnational entanglements through video games such as The Oregon Trail, Assassin’s Creed III, the Grand Theft Auto series, Walden, a Game, Far Cry 5, September 12th: A Toy World, the Madden series, and the Call of Duty games, this textbook showcases the cultural work performed by video games. Embedded in the lifeworlds of today's students and accompanied by a companion website and YouTube channel, this book demonstrates how to teach American studies in the twenty-first century

This book is under contract with Amsterdam University Press.

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