The five articles included in this issue showcase various intergenerational issues and phenomena at play in the environmental crisis and how they are represented in literature, film, videogames, and comics.

The issue is open access

Table of Contents

Introduction: Human Generations and the Environmental Crisis in Literature, Film, and Other Media (Michael Fuchs and Roberta Maierhofer)

Memory Carriers and Intergenerational Kinship in Indigenous Climate Change Fiction: Alexis Wright's The Swan Book and Cherie Dimaline's The Marrow Thieves (Teresa Botelho)

Multiscalar Temporalities in Postcolonial Climate Fiction (Nadine Böhm-Schnittker)

Game Over for Climate Change? Communicating and Visualising Global Warming in Digital Games (Carolin Becklas and Sabine Baumann)

Don't Look Up Climate Change: Dooming Boomers, Nihilistic Teenagers, and Underfunded Scientists Against/For the World (Georg Gruber)

The Slow Apocalypse in The Low, Low Woods (Michael Fuchs and Anna Marta Marini)