The essays in this special issue broach different issues in connection with animal representations on American television; and they do so from various perspectives. Thus, this special issue seeks to raise the question of the animal in the context of European American Studies. After all, if American Studies shares a concern about "issues of knowledge and power" (Hall 42), the field must take seriously the animal question. Acknowledging "the intersections of race, nation, class, [gender, sexuality,] and species" (Adams and Donovan 7) will be a first step toward achieving that goal.

Table of Contents

Animals on American Television: Introduction to the Special Issue (Michael Fuchs and Stefan L. Brandt)

All Teeth and Claws: Constructing Bears as Man-Eating Monsters in Television Documentaries (Michael Fuchs)

The Death and Resurrection of Brian Griffin (Brett Mills)

Wild Animation: From the Looney Tunes to Bojack Horseman in Cartoon Los Angeles (Laurel Schmuck)

"Absolute Alterity"? The Alien Animal, the Human Alien, and the Limits of Posthumanism in Star Trek (Manuela Neuwirth)

Horsing Around: Carnivalesque Humor and the Aesthetics of Dehierarchization in Mister Ed (Stefan L. Brandt)