JAAAS Issue #1 Finally Out
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After several hiccups along the way, the first issue of JAAAS: Journal of the Austrian Association for American Studies has finally been published.

Here's the table of contents:

Michael Fuchs, "Managing Editor's Editorial"

Thematic Cluster: The Salzburg Seminar and Its Legacies in American Studies

Hanna Wallinger & Joshua Parker, "Guest Editors' Editorial"
Ralph J. Poole, "'Huck Finn at King Arthur's Court': F. O. Matthiessen, the Salzburg Seminar, and American Studies"
Mark Reinhardt, "'You know, I used to be a Jew': Groucho Marx, Max Reinhardt, and the Transformation of American Studies"
Philip McGowan, "What We Imagine Knowledge to Be: Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, and Seventy Years of American Studies"
Julia Leyda, "The Feminist Futures of American Studies: Addressing the Post-Weinstein Media and Cultural Landscape"
Philipp Reisner, "The Cold War and New Sacred Poetry: Li-Young Lee, Suji Kwock Kim, and Kathleen Ossip"
Maria Proitsaki, "Poetry as a Strategy for Teaching English: Using Nikki Giovanni's Poetry in the English as a Second-/Foreign-Language Classroom"

Forum: Life Writing and American Studies

Nassim Balestrini & Silvia Schultermandl, "Introduction"
Volker Depkat, "Letters and Diaries as Life Writing"
Klaus Rieser, "First-Person Documentary Film and Self-Life Narration"
Silvia Schultermandl, "Online Life Writing"
Nassim Balestrini, "Intermedial and Transnational Hip Hop Life Writing"
Katharina Fackler, "Postcolonial and Transoceanic Life Writing"
Silvia Schultermandl & Nassim Balestrini, "Outlook on Life Writing and American Studies"


Joshua Parker, "The Future of US Education"
Jonathan Singerton, "The Austrian Contribution to American Life Revisited"
Alexandra Ganser, Rev. Affective Ecologies: Empathy, Emotion, and Environmental Narrative, by Alexa Weik von Mossner (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2017)
Johannes Mahlknecht, Rev. A Book of American Martyrs, by Joyce Carol Oates (London: Fourth Estate, 2017)





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